The Onion:
* (About The Onion)
* India's Top Physicists Develop Ambitious Plan To Get The Hell Out of India.
* There's No "My Kid Has Cancer" In T-E-A-M.
* How Can I Stop These Homosexuals From Sucking My Cock?
* President Hussein Resigns Amidst Veil Scandal With Concubine
* Scientists Refute "Theory" of Gravity With Intelligent Falling
* Ask A Seven Year Old With A Joke Book

Smoove B's Boudoir:
* (About Smoove B)
* I'll Treat You Right
* Get Smooved
* Bring It On
* I Can Make Things Right
* Turn The Lights Down Low
* Girl He's No Good For You
* Let Smoove Rock Your Body (Long)

The Dave Chappelle Show:
* Iím Rick James Bitch! (14.5 M file)
* Iím Rick James Bitch! Transcript
* The Real Wayne Brady (17.9 M file)
* George W. Bush is A Black Man (17.9 M file)

Joe Cartoon:
* Look At My Monkey! (500 K file)

Domininc Tocci's Creations:
* Will The Real Hussein Please Stand Up? (500 K file)

Family Guy:
* Osama and Stewie (10.4 Meg file)

Super Troopers:
* Super Troopers (15.1 Meg file)
* Super Troopers (Bigger Screen, 22.2 Meg file)

* Everyone Knows It's A Dildo! (2.5 Meg file)

* Sebben & Sebben Orientation (52 Meg file)

* 8 Bit D & D (2 Meg file)

* Triumph vs. Star Wars (24 Meg file)

Margaret Cho:
* Korean People and Black People Don't Get Along. (7.5 Meg file, Needs DiVX)

The Written Word:
* Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster
* How To Pay Taxes
* See Hamlet Run
* Pass The Adult Wisdom
* Real Country and Western Song Titles