Current Summary:
I suspect right now I have two separate pain "issues," along with a strange coincidence.

1) The first issue is more or less the same as its always been since six months after the surgery. I still have an occasional odd tingling sensation for no reason, though that seems to be focused now on the area where my left thigh meets my groin. This is also the spot where I noticed a bump in my groin immediately after the surgery, as though there was something small and hard right at that spot. It's also the same spot where scar tissue has formed.

I still have an dull aching when running, like a muscle is tired and wants to stop. I still have a tingling sensation, like a muscle is going to sleep, if I sit with my left leg at an odd angle. I still constantly wake up in the middle of the night to urinate. I still have a straining sensation whenever I defecate. I still have the same loss of sensation around the old surgery site and nearby areas, like much of the left side of my penis. Occasionally I still sometimes feel the old pain when I need to urinate.

2) The second issue concerns some symptoms that began just in the last two years. That's when pain during ejaculation begin. It feels as though a muscle in my body is clenching around another muscle, which thus can't expand or move properly. Kind of like a fist closing around a straw with water trying to move through it. That's about the same time I began experiencing a pain during urination and occasionally at other times for no reason that I can discern.

In all cases the pain is the same, like thereís some muscle in there thatís suddenly contracting too hard and is causing a cramp. A sensation similar to what Iíve felt a few times when Iíve touched something electrical, like a live wire. When I sit down to defecate or urinate I still often find that I have to urinate some more after standing up, so I often use the toilet and then the urinal. Sometimes even after I use both I could swear I still have to "go" more. Trying to use the relevant muscles to force out the urine is often painful, so these days I just try relax, but sometimes it seems like there's still stuff in there, just not enough to dribble out via that method.

For whatever it's worth, coffee seems to make these symptoms worse.

In the past when this happened I saw Dr. McEvoy, who alleviated my symptoms, either through antibiotics or a rectal exam. Dr. Rosencratz has also alleviated my symptoms either through antibiotics or a rectal exam. But in both cases they haven't gone away entirely. A few times in the past I've been told that I have an abnormally large prostate, especially for "such a young man." This has been the case ever since the surgery. In any event, during the last rectal exam Dr. Rosencratz massaged my prostate, which brought immediately brought up all of the tingling, aching, buzzing pains and the urgency to urinate. So I wonder if this is at least partially a nuerological prostate problem, primarily unrelated to any infection.

3) I still don't know if this is related to the surgery, but six months after the surgery I began having intense sensitivity to sugar and starches. However, I've Iíve learned that it seems to be almost totally related to how much intense exercise I get. If I donít exercise I can eat whatever I want without worrying about sugar, or at least no more than the average person. If I do get a lot of exercise then I have to be very careful about eating enough protein with any starches or sugars and also getting enough of the right food right after exercise. Sometimes it feels like intense exercise depletes my body of something it needs desperately, and that sugar aggravates this feeling, but I have yet to figure out what that is.