The pelvis is an odd juncture of the body.  It seems to be packed with organs, nerves, joints, and muscles.  I've had some problems with my pelvis and it seems as though I will have to consult with a few varied medical professionals to get things sorted out.  I started this website in an effort to:

  1. Document my medical history and treatment

  2. Create a portable resource of my medical records

  3. Help any medical professionals who are treating me to communicate with each other

  4. Therapy

The links to the left should contain my medical history, contact information for the doctors who are treating me, copies of the chart notes that I can obtain, digital copies of X-Rays taken of my pelvis in April 2004, and anything else that seems valuable. I can send you digital copies of the MRI too.

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or advice.



Thank you,



David Hinman

1040 NW 10th

Portland OR 97209