♦ Do right away ♦

♦ Home owners insurance (progressive?)
♦ Perform Inspection repairs
♦ Check with city on permits, etc.
♦ Alarm system
♦ Water Softener
Research Bungalow architecture/style

♦ Clean
♦ Paint
Remove carpeting and replace with polished concrete (with radiant floor heat?)
Enlarge window in potential bedroom

First Floor
♦ Clean
♦ Paint
♦ Remove carpeting
♦ Hard wood floors in rooms
♦ Tile in the kitchen
♦ Knock down or change kitchen walls (check if they are load bearing first!)
♦ Countertops
♦ Cabinets
Install recessed or indirect lighting?
Install moulding?
Install French doors?
Install ceiling fan?

Second Floor
♦ Clean
♦ Paint
♦ Steam clean carpeting
♦ Put in small fridge & microwave
Skylight in bathroom?
Enlarge bathroom by extending into attic area?
Put in gourmet tub?
Install dual gourmet sinks?
Enlarge closet by extending into attic area?

♦ Clean/repair/paint
Enlarge rear deck?

♦ Washer/Dryer
♦ Refrigerator
♦ Stove/Rangetop
♦ Microwave
♦ Dishwasher
Large flatscreen TV? Ha!

♦ Faucets
♦ Showerhead
♦ Sinks
♦ Etc. (much to do!)

♦ Clean
♦ Put in drywall, paint