Dave's Recipes

Chocolate Martini
Lemon Drop
Orange Drop
Sex On The Beach
Key Lime Pie Martini (Prototype)
Key Lime Pie Martini (Red Square Version) (Prototype)
Flaming Queen (Prototype)
Dragon Lady (Prototype)
Crammango Madness (Prototype)
Fuzzy Navel (Prototype)
** Melon Daze ** (Needs Overhaul)
** Strawberry Cream ** (Needs Overhaul)

--> Red Square Drink Recipes List

-->How To Infuse Vodka

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!
Dave's Big Chile Bourbon Chocolate Espresso Pecan Pie
Emerilís Version of a Chocolate Pecan Pie
An Engineer's Chocolate Pecan Pie
Stephanie Zonisí Chocolate Pecan Pie
Pot de Creme
Double Chocolate Layer Cake
Grandma Trimble's Shoofly Pie (A "Dry" Pie)
A Different Shoofly Pie Version (A "Wet" Pie)
Two Pie Crusts
Grandma Trimble's Pie Crust
Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes
Martha's Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Eugene Hinmanís Linguini With Clam Sauce
A More Complicated Linguini With Clam Sauce

Collections of Recipes
Some Recipes Ripped Off From The Oregonian's Foodday