My Wild Career Betting On Greyhounds!!

I started betting off and on in the spring of 2005, and then I really stepped it up in late summer. Some weeks I'd go to the Off-Track Betting (OTB) every day. Towards the end of this busy period I was betting a few hundred per day on greyhounds. I viewed time away from the OTB  as a lost opportunity to make money. At that point my bankroll had a $1500 profit.

Then I encountered a losing streak in early fall and started cutting back. I'd still go to the track, but I'd make my money last by betting less on each race. I'd reduce the number of combinations I'd make. I'd play it safe, be conservative. I wasn't doing this for fun or as a hobby, but as a means to make money.

On October 13th of 2005 I was at the Jockey's Club in the Howard Johnson near the airport. I had looked over the program and planned some bets on just a few races. I was especially intrigued by Flagler's 11th race. I had found a few dogs I liked. Two I really liked, the #8 and the #3. I also liked the #1, #2, and #4 as my second choices. Usually during that period I'd bet $30-60 or so on a  race, using my key dog first and second in a variety of combinations in exactas and trifectas. If my key dog won or finished second, and my other choices also finished first, second, or third, I'd make money.

But I wanted to save money and was starting to view my bankroll not as ammunition or capital for betting, but as food and rent. I was hungry and wanted a nice meal that night at the OTB. I also had a look at the odds after I picked my dogs. I realized that almost all of my dogs were longshots. The 8 was a bad enough longshot at almost 35-1, but the 1 and the 3 had even worse odds.

So I began to doubt myself and decided I'd really save money if I dropped one of my second choices. I dropped the #1, the dog with the worst odds. In the end I made one bet costing $6. I keyed the 8 over the #2, #3, 4 in a trifecta. This meant that if the #8 won, and the #2, #3, or #4 finished second and third, I'd win.

I chalked up the other $40 or so I didn't bet as money I had "saved," and used it to get food and drink instead. Then I watched the race. It finished 8 - 3 - 1 - 4.

If I hadn't:
> Been on a losing streak and so acting conservative
> Doubted myself after I had a look at the odds
> Tired and hungry after a very long day and depressed by the losing which was new to me

I would have hit the trifecta at least once, maybe even two or three times. I would have won at least $3,000.

Instead I had a nice dinner.

I stopped betting entirely shortly after that. My total handle over 7 months was about $12,000. I finished down about $150. My only regret is that I didn't have a signer, a winner so big that I'd have to report it to the IRS.


The Program for Flagler Evening's 11th Race

Watch The Race Here.

Maybe This Time The #2 Dog Will Do Better.
Or at least not finish last!


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